“Dear Pilar This is how the road ahead looks for me since the coaching with you. Thank you”
S. K.

Lo que dicen los clientes

  • HR Director - Banking industry

    In today's life there are many challenges for HR Departments, which need to manage more complexity and are expected to deliver more feedback, coaching and mentoring than previous generations as well as freedom and empowerment. The need to change the approach to my job and to myself to excel at this job led me to the leadership program with Vlerick.

    Probably the most important thing I have learnt from the leadership program is that all changes start with myself, and no matter the circumstances I need to be ME. My coach Pilar guided me through the labyrinths of my thoughts, my fears and my doubts to learn how to see beyond the clutter and prioritize, to choose where to put my energy and to belief in myself. Coaching made easier to change the patterns of the past and start creating the future I want. It was not an easy adventure for me: it required the effort and concentration of being honest with myself. Sometimes it was extremely emotional and exhausting as I said out loud something which I had not been prepared to share before, Pilar has a delicate and sensitive "emotional radar" which helped me feel finally ready to look into the bottom of myself from a new perspective where I felt a true and permanent change coming. This is exactly what makes us leaders, and enable us to meet and define personal and professional goals. Pilar’s coaching was certainly about trust, empathy and professionalism.
  • Robert Dilts - Author, trainer and NLP consultant

    Pilar is an outstanding coach & trainer and a clear writer, she is energetic, proactive and intelligent and brings a wonderful blend of clarity, compassion and humor to her work
  • Senior Vice President & Director of Commercial Programmes. Global Healthcare Organisation

    Pilar helped take me to places I’d never been brave enough to go. She helped me dream and reach what I wouldn't even consider before and didn't think possible. Now, I am a better, more authentic leader. I don't waste time on non-issues anymore; I know what I want and I get there faster and smarter.

    Pilar has an incredible insight into people and situations; she helped me see a problem through the eyes of others, and how they worked, therefore which buttons to push and push them further than I would have done before. . She helped me become focused on an issue and find solutions that are right for me and right for the organization.

    I have grown and continue to grow into the leader I can be and this organization needs. Most importantly, the organization is in a better place. But it has helped in every aspect of my life, guiding our teenage children, helping friends who are making difficult decisions, negotiating with my husband! I see life differently now.
  • Senior Manager European Parliament

    Being a manager of an international organization I benefited from Pilar Godino's coaching sessions. Pilar's professional and human qualities were remarkable.

    I dare to say the experience was enlightening and instrumental. There was intensity, laughs, insight and surprise in our sessions, Pilar's work was absolutely a rewarding moment that unable me to progress and take off. I do feel that she has this unique capacity of bringing the best of you to the surface as manager and certainly as a person.

    I will keep her in my memory as amazingly effective.
  • Global Account Director

    Pilar was my coach during the leadership programme a few years back; I found the coaching to be transformational and very empowering. Pilar is an  alchemist at work, who showed me an unshakable  belief in what I am made of and what I can achieve, she is an important support to me, so much so, that still today I call her when I encounter something new to grow upon.
  • Marketing Director

    Pilar has been my coach within Diageo Leadership Program. This process has represented an incredibly enriching experience for me both professionally and personally.

    With Pilar I have taken a journey which got me in touch with my deepest motivations and personal purpose, as well as leading me to connect with my professional purpose in such an unusual and deep way that built strong long term commitment. Coaching was about reaching congruence and alignment, about personal growth.

    Pilar has an incredible acute intelligence and a strong intuition that in combination with her fantastic comprehension and active listening skills makes the coaching process deep and challenging but at the same time very open and enjoyable. Pilar's enthusiasm and huge ability to inspire makes the coaching process a total pleasure, whilst unleashing the latent charisma and character of the leader inside. It has been a great privilege for me to share this time with you Pilar, Thanks a lot!
  • Portfolio Marketing Director

    Before starting the coaching programme I was a bit reluctant to open myself as I was not seeing a clear benefit. Once I started the coaching sessions with Pilar, all my concerns vanished away. Pilar created the adequate space for me to feel really comfortable and talk about myself in a manner I had never done before. Pilar's personality, commitment and experience were key to make the coaching work. It has really been breakthrough for me as it has clearly helped to know myself better and therefore be capable to grow as a person and a professional, opening an incredible array of opportunities to develop myself. It is amazing what good coaching can do for you. Pilar is just amazing in the way she leads you through the discovery path, showing who you really are and finding your own way to personal growth. It has also helped me to develop stronger relationships not only with my team but also with my peers and managing up, altogether we are now a much stronger Management Team working more efficiently and much more happily towards the common Goal. If you have the opportunity to have Pilar as a coach, I am sure you will enjoy it.
  • Portfolio Marketing Director

    At the beginning of leadership programme I was sceptical but now I'm very satisfied. My Coaching conversations with Pilar have been a key part of it. She has asked me the right questions, listened, inspired me and taken me through an interior personal journey in which I've broken many of my “old rigidities”' and changed my perception about what it takes to be a great leader.

    I have learnt about my personal strengths, identified what makes me special and how can I use it for even greater advantage. I have also explored areas I could develop further. Pilar has lead me to recognise how important it is to build a STRONG leadership TEAM in the company to make things easier, faster and more powerful as well as strongly impacting people and the results for the business.

    It is not just about me, my role and my team; but, even more importantly, about the benefits of building a leadership team across all the key functions in the business; under one culture, one direction and one common approach; working, with trust, respect, frankness and humility; Not always easy.

    I now recognise the power of building good relationships and I've given myself ' permission' to be authentic, at all levels. I feel I've also improved my leadership towards my team. I feel closer to them and a better coach, I see them growing and it makes me feel proud and satisfied. I’m therefore enjoying more my leadership responsibility and my daily work. I still have way to go, but I'm on the right path and I'm firm since I've laid solid foundations, Thanks Pilar !.
  • Head of Talent, Business Partner H R; Diageo

    The coaching for me was like having the continuous support of the Coach with a super mirror that helped me see myself, the impact of my beliefs and behaviours and my professional life. It helped me identify my own purpose and the possibilities I can create not only for myself but for the Organisation as a whole. Pilar helped me discover new ways of behaving and reacting achieving greater Influence, she sometimes confronted me and my actions when it was necessary. While in the professional environment one can feel pretty alone, I knew I had Pilar’s support by my side in an honest manner.

    As a result of our journey together, I have improved my impact in the business and I have changed some of my traditional behaviours that were ineffective at work., this has helped me also to appreciate myself and my colleagues in a deeper way, therefore strengthening our relationship and our feeling of belonging to the Team.
  • Transport industry - CEO

    Pilar Godino has a stimulating blend of insight and humour; poise and perspective; a challenging yet inspiring style, filled with compassion, care and commitment. She is an excellent Coach and Trainer.
  • Public organisation - Senior manager

    Since the seminars with Pilar Godino I experienced quality changes not only in my professional life, but also in the relationships with colleagues and friends. The skills and techniques I learnt at the seminars help me in managing 35 people and lead them in a most effective manner.
  • Leader in FTSE 15

    Pilar really makes me think deeply; consequently I am changing things I previously saw as weaknesses. She is guiding me to face my fears, find more confidence and get to know myself differently. I am achieving great things as a result of the coaching such as making breakthroughs in relationships with my stakeholders. Coaching is so much better than any expectation I had. I am extremely grateful.
  • Software industry- Sales Director

    I hired Pilar Godino to increase my personal efficiency as a Sales Manager and the efficiency of my Sales Team. The coaching gave me a new insight, perspective and understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses. As a result my awareness over my own resources improved and with it my performance as a leader. I gained a fresh understanding of my teams needs and my relationship with them went from strength to strength. I found myself communicating more effectively with the team, which has lead to increased sales, greater performance and staff retention of my team. I highly recommend Pilar for results, performance and leadership management coaching.
  • Public organisation - Senior manager

    It was a great experience to work with Pilar Godino. Her in-depth knowledge of the subject matters, the experience she accumulated during her career combined with her positive and supporting attitude. There was a fair balance between theory and practice, and the exercises/techniques used were always fit for the purpose. She encouraged and supported, shared personal stories, empowered with her passion for life and her commitment to help. Her drive, energy and ever-present smile facilitated the sometimes challenging process.
  • Media Relations- Consultant & entrepreneur

    Thanks to my coaching with InTuicion, the reluctance of taking on some of the business opportunities presented to me has turned into enthusiasm. I now regularly visit clients in Europe and the US and undertake keynote speaking. Many of my clients see me as their publicity mentor which is very flattering. My direct and close experience with such a talent as Pilar Godino is attributable to that praise.

    Certainly it is true to say that all my relationships have improved since the coaching. Pilar has a very supportive manner about her and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for enabling an uncluttered version of me to emerge. I knew she shared my joy of my transition to a happier and healthier individual. I also know that had not been for her great coaching I would not be where I am today: aged 44 and having the time of my life with my business and Homepage life.
  • Investment & business planning- Senior Consultant

    Through the coaching with Pilar I got to know myself from a different angle and learnt to relate to others in a different more successful manner. This has had a very positive effect in the overall results, performance and atmosphere at work. My performance as a leader has increased considerably and since, I am leading teams on international assignments. Pilar Godino is a great Performance, Leadership, & Management Coach.
  • Ministro ( sub-ambassador) of the embassy of Ecuador in London

    I hired Pilar at a time when I was under enormous pressure. Stress was so unbearable that I was seriously struggling. During the coaching I learnt things about myself I never knew before, I got to understand me at a different level and learnt how to manage pressure before it gets to me. As a result of the coaching I have grown in confidence and assertiveness. I have changed my work strategies and my approach to life. I am certainly a better, more conscious man, personally and professionally, and unquestionably a much happier one than I was before the coaching. I will remember Pilar always with immense gratitude.
  • International Executive Coach

    The several short seminars I attended with Pilar Godino as trainer and Coach, not only taught me the skills needed to help others, but moved me forward in my own life. Her style of teaching opens minds, moves emotions and motivates you to reach your goals.” Highly recommended!.