“With her incredible insight Pilar helped take me to places I’d never been brave enough to go”

Senior VP Global Organisation

We can work together, whether you are seeking to improve your performance, to grow into your new role or develop as a Leader.

During Coaching we’ll explore your discomfort zone, consequently getting stronger and expanding your comfort zone.

I will sometimes challenge you to better assist you;

I am passionate about YOU, I support you to recognise the aspects of you which have been overlooked and re-integrate them in your daily life.

I have personally trained across Europe, over 3000 business individuals in Authenticity & Relationships and hundreds of coaches.

I love witnessing your Journey and supporting you in defining your goals, whilst encouraging you through the steps.

I treasure playing a part in reconnecting individuals with their INNER WISDOM and SELF TRUST, therefore supporting organisations.

My profession is my vocation.

Items that may be of interest

El Color del cristal

Pilar has the ability to take a complex topic and express it in a simple way that makes it easy to understand. This book is proof of it.


El Color del cristal - Presentation
14th March from 19.30 till 21.00, Madrid.


“Pilar is just amazing in the way she leads you through the discovery path, showing you who you truly are, and finding your own way to personal growth”