Pilar has the ability to take a complex topic and express it in a simple way that makes it easy to understand. This book is proof of it.

About The Business Alchemist

The Business Alchemist awakens self-awareness and increases awareness of others. It provides a motivational toolbox for purposeful leadership and offers practical guidelines to enable today’s leaders to develop their people in a swift, effective and constant manner.

This book provides insights into how to get commitment from team members and increase levels of individual responsibility. By encouraging ongoing development, leaders will engage and transform teams to achieve new heights of creativity and productivity.

Drawing on powerful NLP techniques and practical coaching methods, Pilar Godino’s approach enables business leaders to use the agility of coaching-style conversations to extract the best from their teams, set goals and monitor progress: to manage, motivate and coach teams to deliver the results they want.

The Business Alchemist brings Pilar’s transformative coaching style to business professionals. Her approach goes deep into the heart of leadership. Her practical models will improve management skills and enhance personal style.


  • Robert Dilts - Author, trainer and NLP consultant

    I have come to know Pilar as a friend and colleague, as well as a fellow trainer and coach. It is a pleasure to welcome her for a second time as a fellow author. As you will discover for yourself, Pilar is a unique and extraordinary individual. She is a talented observer, an outstanding coach and a clear writer.
    Pilar has the ability to take a complex topic and express it in a way that makes it simple and easy to understand. The notion of Metaprogrammes in NLP is one such topic. In this book, Pilar is able to present NLP Metaprogramme patterns and their applications in a way that readers will find useful and clear.
    As a person, Pilar is energetic, proactive and intelligent, and brings a wonderful blend of clarity, compassion and humour to her work. All of these qualities shine through in this book.
  • Daryl Jelinek - General Manager Coca-Cola, London Olympic & Paralympic Games.

    The Business Alchemist is a thought provoking and at the same time enjoyable read. It has made me think hard about my own style, my aspirations and what is important for me, not just in the work place but in my personal life also.

    The Business Alchemist will challenge you about how you want to lead, learn, adapt or change as you go on the journey of transformation to improve as a leader.
  • Robert Dilts - Author, trainer and NLP consultant

    The Business Alchemist illustrates through practical exercises and case examples, skills that anyone can learn and that can make a powerful and positive impact on your business and on your life.

    Pilar is an outstanding coach & trainer and a clear writer, she is energetic, proactive and intelligent and brings a wonderful blend of clarity, compassion and humor to her work. All of these qualities shine through in this book
  • Myria Vassiliadou - EU anti human trafficking coordinator, former Secretary General for the European Women’s Lobby

    I loved reading The Business Alchemist, it kept me interested all the way through. An easy read, challenging, thought provoking book that touches the soul.

    I especially enjoyed taking it at my own stride all the practical and clear models and tools given, to become a stronger and more transformational leader.