El Color del cristal - Presentation

14th March in Madrid.

  • M. Roth

    The experience of Pilar and Robert’s training, is unforgettable, thanks to the amazing Week End in which we saw, thought, felt and dreamt, I have finally given the jump to the next level, which, I have been wanting to do for ages but did not dare. I found the seminar amazing and I am happily now set in my new direction. An impacting WE, Pilar and Robert’s chemistry is infectious and beautifully potent. Thank You
  • M. De Haro

    In the watershed days with Pilar and Robert I awakened something inside me very powerful. I put together my vision and mission in life, and found what is at the heart and soul of leadership, its very essence. An amazing Week End, with practical, new information and a lot of FUN. Highly recommendable.

The soul of leadership seminar

In this seminar we explore the journey to the soul of Leadership. We will look at the outline of the pathway, working from the awareness that each road is unique to our choices and individuality. We will explore the sign posts along the way together with their meaning and will contemplate our stance along such journey.

During these two days we’ll deepen into the pilgrimage to an authentic, exciting and inspiring leadership style, where self awareness and self acceptance are the foundation for the alchemy’s generative platform from where to transform the core business, where to form excellent relationships therefore achieving extraordinary results.

Learn about a leadership aligned with “the power of influence “versus “the influence of power” Find out how to create an atmosphere of Trust, Engagement and self belief which results in a stimulating and magic workplace where individuals want to grow and give their very best to themselves, their teams and the Organisation.